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The Fault in Our Stars

If there would be 10 stars to give to this book I would give them. I love reading and I have read a lot of different topics. This book however touches me in various ways: as a daughter of cancer deceased mother and as as mother of three beautiful girls.

The autor did a great job, and despised of being a book for teenagers and young adults I would recommend every parent to read it along with their teenager kids. Both will learn a few valuable things about life.

Whenever I finish a book I usually and put it back on my bookshelf or remove it from my eReader. This one, came to me as an Audio. The narrator was excellent and the interview with the autor at the end just put the cherry to the top. Now I will go out and buy it as a paperback and read it again with a marker to highlight all those things that we take for granted in live.

I wish you a good reading!