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Gaby at Ironkids

Gaby participated yesterday on her first Ironkids competition: 50m swimming and 450m running. This happens always before the Ironman event with the purpose of motivating the kids to do include sport in their daily routine, which I find excellent. Click on the top to access the gallery đŸ™‚

Gaby's school trip
Gaby’s school trip

It was time for “mom” to accompany the Gaby’s class on a school trip.  This one help her deal with her fears.  She enjoyed it a lot and the view was divine!

Vanessa singing Gallery
Vanessa loves to sing!

Vanessa’s hobby is to sing!  She listens to the songs she likes so often until she can sing them meeting every tone.  The beauty is that language is not a barrier for her!  Let’s how this will develop.  Here she is with her music school performing at a stage, which she loves indeed!

Rules of Life

My mom’s birthday

A day like today, I find myself… well, let’s say, it is just hard to get by. Today my morther would have be 66 years old. She was a good person, a good daughter, a good friend and over all a great mother. I miss her terribly. We as humans take for granted the importan Read more