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Vanessa's bike ride
Vanessa’s bike ride

While Mauri, Melany and Gaby ride their bikes around the lake (45Km), Vanessa and I just ride to the park and it was so nice to see her enjoy herself ūüôā ¬†Nice moments to remember.

Making of my tattoo
My Tattoo

After considering having a Tattoo for the past 20 years, I finally decided to do myself a gift for my 40th birthday.  I decided to have the initials of my daughters. Melany, Vanessa & Gaby.  They are as mine as my own life and something I will never regret having.  But the M and the Read more

I am back!

Working on my personal website. ¬†This time, it will be about¬†everything that touches me on one way or another. ¬†I will put up my families picture but they will be password protected. ¬†So if you didn’t get the password then just drop me a line and you will get it. ¬†Does not apply to unknown Read more